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What sets this app apart from others? 

In a culture of immediate gratification and impulsivity, we strive to be different in all the ways that we feel are important. We utilize a matching method that is designed to connect people in a more meaningful way.  Everyone deserves to be happy and to experience life with someone, and we believe that Cardinal Dating gives them the best chance at making that goal become reality.

How does the matching method help me find someone?

Often times we are conflicted about a person before even giving them a chance, so this app makes that a secondary step to reduce the urge to swipe superficially. Users say that they use Cardinal to go on dates, so we want to make that process as seamless as possible. 

Is this just a Blind-Dating App?

No. We still believe that physical appearance is an important part of overall attraction, but we make that part of the matching a second step, to encourage users to take a chance and accept people for who they are before making that judgement. 


Safety is Priority

Please report any and all suspicious or potentially harmful content on the platform. We take our users' safety very seriously and will investigate reports promptly. In emergency situations, contact your local law enforcement. 

Questions, Comments, Future Improvements?

Feel free to reach out to to request a feature be added to our platform, or to report an issue. We strive to become the best connection platform, and appreciate your feedback. Thanks!

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