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What sets this app apart from others? 


Our Rating System: Critiq's unique rating system elevates the interaction with dating profiles from simple swiping to thoughtful evaluation. Users are encouraged to rate each profile on a scale, providing a measure of feedback that feels more nuanced and personal than a binary like or dislike. This system can also help users refine their own preferences and understand what they're truly seeking in a partner. CRITIQ takes matching to the next level by emphasizing mutual high ratings. This approach ensures that both parties have a significant level of interest in each other, leading to higher quality matches and more meaningful conversations. It also adds an element of excitement and anticipation, as users look forward to seeing if their high ratings are reciprocated.

User Experience Control: CRITIQ believes in empowering users to direct their own dating journey. By allowing users to rate profiles and customize their experience through discovery preferences, CRITIQ gives them the tools to actively shape their own love story. This sense of agency can lead to a more satisfying and authentic dating experience. At CRITIQ, the community's input is highly valued. The platform encourages all users to contribute to the matchmaking process, creating a sense of collective ownership and shared investment in each other's success through training an algorithmic compatibility model. This community-focused approach can foster more respectful interactions and a more welcoming environment. We always invite users to provide feedback and feature suggestions.


Simplicity: CRITIQ opts for a single profile picture, simplifying the decision-making process and reducing the potential for overwhelm. This approach forces users to focus on their initial reaction and gut feeling, which can be an important factor in physical attraction. It also adds an element of intrigue, encouraging users to learn more about a person through conversation rather than making assumptions based on a series of photos.


Safety is Priority

Please report any and all suspicious or potentially harmful content on the platform. We take our users' safety very seriously and will investigate reports promptly. In emergency situations, contact your local law enforcement. 

Questions, Comments, Future Improvements?

Feel free to reach out to us through our contact form for support or to report an issue, and our feedback form to request a feature be added. We strive to become the best dating platform, and appreciate your feedback. Thanks!

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