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CRITIQ is the dating app designed for those who have high standards. Love deserves an honest opinion, and CRITIQ helps you raise the bar on your matches.

Where ratings
meet romance.

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Submit One Profile Picture

Users will focus more on initial attraction, leading to more authentic connections based on that first spark. By allowing only one photo, users are encouraged to choose their best and most representative picture. This promotes higher quality content on the platform.

Rate Other Profiles

Ratings above 4.9 are treated as a ‘like’. So if you and another user mutually rate each other above 4.9, it's a match! It’s a system that combines the thrill of matching with the satisfaction of knowing your ratings matter.

Match with Profiles

Everyone is an expert at finding love in their own way, and at Critiq, we understand and appreciate this diversity. Our innovative platform empowers you to take control of your love story. The world of dating can seem complicated, but with CRITIQ, it becomes not just easier, but also a rewarding experience.

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